• 5 Rivers Street, Bibra Lake, Western Australia 6163
  • T +61 8 9434 2480

Our Customers

We provide large size 5 axis machining service to a number of industries
for rapid production and size. (4200 x 3300 x 1500) mm wide

  • Marine Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Furniture
  • Mold Making and Prototyping
  • Molds for plastics
  • Roofing / Automobil
  • Fiberglass / Injection Molds
Machining Services G10 CNC Perth
Machining Services Fibreboard CNC Perth
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Our Services

Mould Mold Making, Form Cutting,
Large Format (4200 x 3300 x 1500 mm), Wood Foam Plastic Fiberglass

Largest 5 Axis CNC In Western Australia

We have the largest 5 Axis CNC machine in Western Australia for Foam Work

Concrete Formwork

We also build molds for Concrete Formwork, including curves for the building industry.

Supporting Services

We can provide follow up services like joining, craftsmenship and bespoke design for even large molds that require joining smaller molds together.

Contact Us

  • 5 Rivers Street, Bibra Lake, WA 6163
  • +61 8 9434 2480
  • https://cnc.vikal.com.au
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